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John Searle – Google Talk

John Searle: “Consciousness in Artificial Intelligence” | Talks at Google John Searle gives a very interesting talk. He starts with some definitions: Distinctions – subjectivity and objectivity Epistemic and ontological confusion Epistemology – knowledge Ontology – existence At 5:01 states … Continue reading

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Global Citizen

Why did you become a global citizen? There are lots of reasons to become a global citizen. What’s yours? Back in 1974, as I completed my undergraduate biochemistry studies, it became obvious that indefinite life extension was possible. It seems … Continue reading

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Evonomics – Social justice and economics

Leading Libertarian Says Social Justice Is a Cause and Effect of the Great Enrichment Solving the deepest puzzle of the social sciences This article is quite good as far as it goes, but (as others have noted) it leaves out … Continue reading

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May 13-15,’16 ~QofDay~ Hope What is hope? It seems that hope, like most words, has many possible meanings, some of them almost complete opposing. In one sense it seems to be a combination of desire and expectation. In another sense … Continue reading

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Smartphones creating ADHD?

Your smartphone and tablet may be making you ADHD-like Is digital information overload also killing our capacity for contemplative, abstract thought — permanently altering the wiring and circuitry of our brains? May 10, 2016 I really don’t see why anyone … Continue reading

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Ehrlich Lecture – Population, environment, extinction and ethics

Blavatnik Public Lecture with Prof. Paul Ehrlich CSER Cambridge Streamed live on 9 May 2016 Population, Environment, Extinction and Ethics It seems to me that Paul is a bit over half right. Yes we have some really serious issues. Yes … Continue reading

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Homeopathic Doctors threaten 5 second strike Joke on NZSkeptics In a really perverse way – homeopathy kind of works. Given that it is all down to placebo effect, and given that pure water is about as safe as it gets, … Continue reading

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