April 12 to 15, ’16 ~QofDay~ Religion

How do you feel about religion in our world today?

For me, religion is a cultural relic – a set of heuristics that have worked in a practical sense in the historical contexts of their birth, but have little or no relevance in today’s world, in the context of our scientific knowledge of what we are and how we can most powerfully work together for our mutual advantage (cooperate), and that of all the other life forms on this planet.

All religions, all cultures, have some very powerful ways of working together. All cultures have learned valuable lessons from existence, and have incorporated aspects of those lessons into their religions, mythologies and wider cultures. And I am clear, beyond any shadow of reasonable doubt, that much of the matrix within which those valuable lessons and ways of being reside has been falsified by modern understanding of system, cosmology and evolution.

So for me, the sooner that religions go the same way as ideas like “the earth is flat”, the better. And carpenters building houses still treat the earth as being flat – it is a close enough approximation for that purpose. And few people today could seriously entertain the idea that the earth is flat.
So too, many of the ways of being advocated by major religions are perfectly adequate in the contexts they developed in, just not in a modern high tech environment.

And many people get attached to ideas like right and wrong, good and evil, and find it difficult to see them for the simple illusions that they are. Reality is far more complex than that, and certainly such ideas can form ends of infinite spectra.

So we all need to teach children such ideas, just as we teach them ideas like Santa Claus, and the sooner they get to see them for the simplistic approximations to something that they are – the better off we all will be.

And to be clear, religion is far less of a problem than money is.

By far the greatest danger facing humanity comes from the love of money, and the pursuit of money above all other things.
So I can live with religions for far longer than I can live with the idea of a society run on considerations involving markets values.

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see
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1 Response to Religion

  1. I like and agree with your comments on religion and the economy. As a retired UU minister with a Masters in Divinity and an appreciation for Humanism and Atheists, I no longer only rail at religions. But to me, religion comes from root words meaning “to bind back to the root and become whole again.” Some say that root is God. I say it is Existence and Life. Religions are early attempts to explain and guide. Most don’t explain and mislead. We need religion to value life itself, the Earth itself, humanity itself. See and expand John Dewey’s “Common Good” to bring ecological responsibility and vision to what could be a good place (and way) to live here together. Your economic justice fits.

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