April 3 to 5, ’16 ~QofDay~ Music

How does music affect your life?

Ailsa and I are two days from our 22nd wedding anniversary. She is a concert grade pianist, and I kind of like music, and it rarely has anything like the effect upon me as it seems to on most people – and I suspect part of that was being tongue tied as a small child, so not being able to make many of the sounds most people could, so not developing the neural networks to make those linkages in my brain. Ailsa can play most instruments (keyboards, string, brass, percussion), sing in any key – unlike me. I play nothing well, and cannot hold a note.

So I like music, I have music present in my life often, and it is not something I actively seek out often (though I am a Pink Floyd fan from way back, and have attended a few rock concerts, as well as operas, musicals, music festivals, etc). And these days, when I have my headphones plugged in, I am much more likely to be listening to a lecture or book than I am music. To get to the nearest city and back is 5 hours driving, I can learn a lot in that time, think about a lot of implications of the things I have heard, consider what is likely to work in what contexts, and what is not necessarily as it seems.

I like most forms of music, from Beethoven to Satie, Small Faces to Enya, Elton John to Blink 182, RATM to Joni Mitchell, Holst to Floyd.
It is there, “ear worms” that repeat in my mind, backgrounds that support me to leap from context to context, abstraction to abstraction, soaring higher, diving deeper, opening to the infinite, focusing on the smallest mote. It is a part of who I am, and it is not a dominant part.

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2 Responses to Music

  1. I play Satie and Chopin on the piano and Pink Floyd on the guitar. I speculate that music is as much a crucial part of our being human as language.

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    • Certainly, from a patterning perspective, being able to manipulate complex patterns involving temporal and other dimensions, music is a great trainer of the mind, and a method of rapidly disseminating complex patterns through a population, as well as the information carried in any lyrics associated.


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