Anarchism – Capitalism


“Anarchism is not a romantic
fable but the hardened
realization, based on five
thousand years of experience,
that we cannot entrust the
management of our lives to
kings, priests, politicians,
generals, & county commissioners.”
Edward Abbey

I agree completely with the quote anarchism, but not with the conclusion.
Capitalism is based on scarcity, and requires scarcity to function, and has poverty for the majority as an inescapable component.

We live in an age of exponential development of automation. It started in the realm of information, and is now beginning to move into the realm of goods and services more generally.
This means that we now have the technical ability to deliver universal abundance of all material necessities of life, but that is incompatible with capitalism, or any market based “ism”.

The very ideas of markets and exchange that served us so well in times when scarcity was the genuinely dominant reality are now becoming the greatest threat to us all.

I agree that centralisation at any level is not a valid or stable response.

I agree that decentralisation and distributed networks at all levels are essential for security.

And the thing that few can yet see is that the very idea of money and the embodiment of exchange value is now the single greatest threat to everyone experiencing the freedom and security that massive distributed automation of the production and delivery of goods and services makes possible.
Without scarcity, money has no value.

Abundance destroys monetary value.

Few people can see that yet.

If you doubt it, just consider oxygen in the air – arguably the single most important thing for any human being, yet of no exchange value in a market.

Automation makes it possible to deliver all essential goods and services to a level of abundance functionally equivalent to oxygen in the air.
That is practical freedom and security for all, yet it is an end to the concept of money.

Because of the historical association of freedom with free markets, many people have the idea that freedom is linked to markets.
It is not!
It is merely associated in many cases.

So delivering to every individual the fully automated (including self maintenance) technical ability to meet all of their personal survival needs is the end of markets, and the birth of a whole new level of freedom, and the highest sense of anarchism.

Reality still makes some inescapable demands upon us. Things like gravity and chemistry and games theory do not go away.

We need to live in the reality that exists.
Freedom is not the ability to pretend reality obeys our whims, but rather the demand that we acknowledge the realities of existence, and claim what degrees of freedom are available in those realities.

It is a very complex dance.

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see
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