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John Horgan interviews Eliezer Yudkowsky

John Horgan interviews Eliezer Yudkowsky While I align with the vast bulk of what you have written Eliezer, there are two significant exceptions. The first relates to your example of the “be paid five dollars” above. Why do you continue … Continue reading

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Someone just insulted you

March 6 to 8 ’16 ~QofDay~ Someone Just Insulted You Someone Just Insulted You. How does that Feel? How do You Internally Handle It? How do You react? I don’t like insults, don’t know anyone who does, and they usually … Continue reading

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New paper: “Defining human values for value learners” Any non-trivial system is going to be a set of approximations to cost/benefit over time. What defines costs and benefits can itself be an evolving set, of increasingly more abstract notions (involving … Continue reading

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Evonomics – How Mainstream Economics Helps Businesses Manipulate our Minds

How Mainstream Economics Helps Businesses Manipulate our Minds Yes, certainly, what is written here is a small part of the issue. Certainly we are influenced by the context of our existence at many levels, from deep cultural to sound bite … Continue reading

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Stopping Domestic Violence

Cause of the Month, Feb. 2016: Stopping Domestic Violence This includes: man violence toward woman woman violence toward man man-man and woman-woman violence violence against children violence FROM children (as in Elder Abuse) I suppose we could even include animals, … Continue reading

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Longevity Cookbook – update

Longevity Cookbook: Pharmacological Extension of Lifespan Excellent work Maria. It has been clear to me in logic that indefinite life extension is possible since 1974 — as if you think about it, every cell alive today has essentially been alive … Continue reading

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Cancer cured ! ?

Today is 15th March 2016. It is 5 years since Chris Henry cut the last small tumour out of my shoulder. The cancer industry has this weird definition that even if you still have cancer tumours, if you are alive … Continue reading

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