Vit C and cancer

Facebook comment by Jewel T – Well my friend Ted beat his cancer with Vitamin C with this link

Yeah – you are right Rob – lots of aspects.
Vit C, certainly a big part – it is often the rate limiting factor in immune system function, and sometimes it isn’t – lots of other things we know about can do that, and I suspect that there are many more we are not yet aware of, that are just part of a mainly raw vegan diet.
I also supplemented with minerals and other vitamins, but at low levels. Vit C is the safest of all vitamins, and one can take very high doses with reasonable safety in most situations, same is not true for most vitamins and minerals.

Getting rid of added sugar was a big part I am sure. It was hard. Sugar is one of the most addictive substance we know.

Getting rid of extracted oils, and extracted carbohydrates (white flours etc) was another part.

Getting rid of stress was another part – not at all easy in today’s world.

A wide range of strategies designed to buy time for the immune system, and enhance immune system function – all part of moving the probability that the immune system would find and deal to the cancer.

It has been over five years since the last tumour.

And yes – I think it is way past time that some serious work was done on the role of vitamin C and diet more generally – work that is publicly funded and not subject to corporate influence. It needs to be fair towards corporations, and the people doing it need to be protected from corporate power. When big money is involved, corporations can play very rough, and mostly they get away with it – money makes that possible.

It is a really difficult and dangerous situation.

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Hi Vanessa,

The evidence for me is just one case in a sense, and in another it involves thousands of other cases also, and from the personal perspective of a skeptical biochemist it is compelling.

When the second tumour made it’s first appearance in November 2009, I went to the local doctors, and the doctor available suggested based on the rapidity of its growth that it was probably just a cyst, and suggested I also get a second opinion. So thinking it was a sebaceous cyst I started taking Vit C (which I have done for any infection for decades), and made an appointment with the specialist, the earliest I could get was 3 weeks away. By the time I got to see him there was no sign of the lump.
So I thought great, just a cyst, went home and eased off the Vit C.

A week later the lump was back. More vit C and it went away.
Over the next 4 months that happened 3 time.

In April 2010 I was doing a trip around my clients in the North Island, and stopped in Auckland to spend a week with my old business partner and close friend Caspar on his yacht off Waiheke. I forgot to take the vit C with me.

At the end of just 1 week without vit C I had three tumours, the largest the size of a marble on my face, the pain was excruciating, it was growing so fast. When I got back to the mainland, I got in my vehicle and drove straight back to Kaikoura, with only a 4 hour wait on the docks in Wellington for a ferry.
Within two hours of getting home I was at the medical centre, where the verdict was returned melanoma. Two weeks later I was in St Georges hospital for 6.5 hours under the knife. Histology report confirmed melanoma.

The following week came the news that it had gotten away in my liver – and the “palliative care only” declaration.

Thus ejected by the medical system, I was freed from all authority to do my own testing and evaluation.
After reading a few thousand abstracts, and many wild claims, most of which were immediately rejected as lacking credible evidence, a pattern started to emerge.

I took on a lot of things. It was hard. It worked, but each time I altered things to make it a little easier (by reducing the vit C) the cancer returned.
It has been over 1,800 days since I missed a dose, twice a day, every day, without fail. No more tumours in that time.

It is a personal journey, and I have had tumours show up 9 times.
4 times I have had them surgically removed (including the last time) and histologically identified as melanoma. 5 times I have made them go away. 3 of those times the only thing I did was vit C. The other two times involved the RAVE vegan diet, and two of the appearances of tumours also occurred with RAVE vegan diet.

So it seems to be a combination thing.
And vit C seems like it is the major component of that combination.
It is working for me, and I have no intention of testing it further (if you have ever experienced the pain of a rapidly growing tumour wrapped around a major nerve you would understand why).

The person who was arguably the greatest chemist ever to have lived (Linus Pauling – twice the recipient of the Nobel prize for chemistry) spent the last 30 years of his life studying the role of vitamin C with cancer.
It appears to be exceptionally complex. There seem to be at least 20 different metabolic pathways involved that have been identified thus far, and I suspect there will be many more discovered – cellular chemistry is exceptionally complex, 30,000 different sorts of molecules all inside a little bubble of fat and proteins that is every single human cell (and we all have many thousand more of them than there are people on the planet). Amazing that we understand anything of it really. Thanks to many giants of history, like Pauling, and the ongoing work of thousands of others, like Margreet Vissers at Otago University.

So yes, I expect that eventually history will record just how much death and misery have been caused by the monetary incentives present in the medical and pharmaceutical and political systems of this world, particularly in half truths and outright lies told by certain individuals in the American medical system, and by the political lobbyists employed by the pharmaceutical industry, and the distorted results reported by otherwise reputable institutions. It is a sad tale indeed when you study it in depth. And it is hard to study.

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Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see
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