Longevity Cookbook – update

Longevity Cookbook: Pharmacological Extension of Lifespan

Excellent work Maria.
It has been clear to me in logic that indefinite life extension is possible since 1974 — as if you think about it, every cell alive today has essentially been alive for some 4 billion years. Sure some have more genetic recombination than others, and some have gone through many cycles of ploidy, and in all cases there is unbroken linkage. The default modality has to be indefinite life, overlain with other modalities. We just need to identify them.
Suggest looking at the site Nutritionfacts.org — I have been vegan for 6 years since getting a terminal melanoma diagnosis — 2 weeks from 5 years clear of tumours. Also use high dose 2 x 9g daily vitamin C and 1 x B vit supplements.
Doing OK for a dead guy. Would like to stay around for a few hundred million years to come.

Keep up the great work!

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see www.tedhowardnz.com/money
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2 Responses to Longevity Cookbook – update

  1. Here is my drift on the future, this is a forum i started on the internet in 1998 and was for 10 years. It is in the “way back archive” now.

    Extra Terrestrial Migration – Gene Engineering

    Eternal Life Society
    Migrating to Infinite Space-Time.
    “We Can Become the Engineers of Our Own Body Chemistry.
    – In the Right Environment We Can Live Forever”

    Once we get off the finite surface of the planet earth and are capable of living in potentially infinite orbital space, there is no reason to have a finite lifespan.

    As engineers of our own body chemistry we can disable the genes that dictate the termination of our lifespan, as scientists have already demonstrated with plants and animals. There is no inherent limit to the “Lebensraum” (living space) in orbital space as there is on our planetary surface.

    The life span of each organism is determined by the environment to which it has adapted.

    The new environment will be our imagination which we can only fill if we live forever. We have to be immortal. There is no inherent limit to our imagination as long as there is time and space.

    The incentive to be a member in good standing in society is the pursuit of immortality. Humankind’s social activity, ultimately its urge to mate, is an instinct, just like the instinct to live. If the purpose of society is to protect and enhance the wellbeing of its members, then providing the means to achieve immortality should be one of its highest priorities. The “New World” must provide individuals with access to the experts, the education and the means to achieve immortality.

    The difference between our present world based on the formation and protection of family, tribe, nation and the “New World” is that the latter must have as its goal the pursuit of individual immortality


    • Hi Alfred,

      Yep – very similar to http://www.solnx.org which I still keep running, and started in ’92, but doesn’t see much activity.

      Some of us have been at this a while 😉

      Agree in large measure. And I go a little further.

      It seems to me that not only must individual indefinite life extension be a goal, but also the greatest degree of freedom possible. Not a lot of point in living indefinitely if some AI decides that the only way to do that is to keep each of us in a cage. So it is a complex system, lots of levels and dimensions, lots of flexible boundary conditions, no absolute certainty.

      The other thing worth mentioning is the way in which evolution (which is a survival driven system) seems to have embedded the value of survival at many different levels of our genetic and mimetic/cultural structures. The problem with most of those embedded “value heuristics” is that they are encoded from the deep time of our past, and are not necessarily relevant to the exponentially changing present we find ourselves in – hence I suspect the reason for the Daoists considering “may you live in interesting times” to be the worst curse they could invoke upon someone (or reality could invoke upon them). We certainly are in “interesting times’ – any which way you want to look at them.

      So I suspect one needs to inspect all inherent survival drives (genetic or mimetic/cultural) very carefully, they may not be nearly as useful as once they were.

      And that rather leaves us in a very “interesting” position.


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