Intentional Kindness

What pierces you to the core?

Hi Laurie

The idea of “a core” doesn’t work for me, and I get it does for many.

At different times in my life I have been subject to many sorts of cruelty, injustice, pain and also to many sorts of kindness, unearned benefit, and justice.

Those experiences have taught me many different aspects of what I am, allowed me to develop many different skills and competencies.

My kids will tell you that I can cry at Barbie movies, or laugh at war movies. Some aspects of stories hook me in, others I reject as simply beyond the boundaries of the reasonable or physically possible. Most movies or TV programs or books cannot create the sort of reality the authors intend as they do not pay sufficient attention to the realities of physics or games theory, and develop unworkable scenarios as a result. My mind simply rejects them as such.

So while I do not like horror, I can accept its reality, I understand its physics and its logic, and the need to avoid it.
I need to be able to look directly at the worst that humanity can do, and choose something else.
That is much easier to write than to do in practice.

So I like compassion, fairness, justice, freedom.
I dislike cheating, lying, obfuscating, injustice.

Our entire social system, this system of money and markets, seems to be injustice writ large – one giant set of cheating strategies reaching into most aspects of religious and political and economic life.
We can do so much better.
Technology gives us the tools to create systems that deliver freedom to everyone, while at the same time working with the natural systems from which we evolved, and upon which we rely for so much at so many different levels.

And as the old saying goes, “it’s hard to remember you came to drain the swamp when you’re up to your neck in alligators”. Excavators, with climate controlled cabins and satellite internet are useful in situations like that – a lot more useful than shovels.

So yes – kindness, intentional, and universal.
And one step at a time.
One person at a time.


About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see
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