Before and After

Before and After

Before and After
Are you pleased with your most recent “after?”
We had three healthy swan plants on or deck, that had grown a few caterpillars to adult butterflies. Then Ailsa accepted about 30 caterpillars from a neighbour (delivered on denuded swan plants), and gave me the task of translocating them to our plants.
Now we have three sets of sticks in pots on our deck, and a couple of newly purchased swan plants on the dinner table (which I was given the translocating task again), which overnight have sprouted a couple of chrysalises amongst the many remaining caterpillars, while another caterpillar has gone “walkabout” and has covered about 100ft up and down the deck, without making a decision to attach and pupate.

I quite liked our nice leafy swan plants.
I had previously taken the time to thin the number of caterpillars to within the carrying capacity of the plant.

A clear demonstration of what unlimited reproduction can deliver, and just how random and destructive nature unchecked really is.

The dogs just sit on the floor and look up at Ailsa as she spends hours at the camera taking photos of caterpillars.

Sometimes I empathise with the dogs!

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