7-10 Feb ’16 ~QofDay~ Death

You Just Died.
Now What Happens, Next?
Explain Fully, in Loving Detail.

Nothing to me – I no longer exist – by definition.

By definition, the systems that support my self awareness would have been degraded beyond the ability of those systems to reboot my awareness – that is what death is.

So what remains of the body composed of trillions of cells that once supported my self awareness will now continue to degrade. Some individuals cells within the once functioning collective that formed my body would retain the ability to metabolise and respond far longer than others, but over a period of days or months (depending on temperature) the last of those cells would cease to function, and the last living component of the once vast cooperating colony of many different forms of cells that once formed my body and gradually over by existence from zygote to embryo to child to adult developed the conscious software self awareness that was me, through a remarkable series of genetic and cultural events in a wider environmental context, would cease to exist as a living entity. That seems to be what it is to be a human being (all older cultural explanatory frameworks are now falsified, beyond any shadow of reasonable doubt).
And the explanation above is a very general context, which allows for near infinite complexity, which is beyond human understanding in practice. So even in that most modern and detailed of models of what it is to be human, there remains vast territory for mystery and magic.

It is clear that there is no separation of spirit and body. Our spirit is very much like software running on the hardware (wet-ware) of our bodies.

The complexity of the levels of those systems, and the process of evolution by natural selection that seems (beyond any shadow or reasonable doubt) to have given rise to us and every other life form we see, is profound. The levels of uncertainty and unknowability at the many levels of the structures that allow us to be are profound. I am confident beyond any reasonable doubt that should I live for the rest of eternity, enhancing my abilities periodically as technological advances seem worth making the transition, human beings will still be sufficiently complex to be considered a mystery in a very real sense.

So in so far as the experiential entity that I know myself to be, death is an end.
In respect of soft body parts, the end follows some shortish time there-after,
In respect of bony bits, some may survive and be painted, and I suspect all would be burned to ashes and scattered quite quickly (probably at sea from a boat or aircraft).

In respect of influences thoughts I have committed to writing, or other actions I have taken that have left some trace in reality, some may continue to influence others, I don’t know.

It is my intention to stay around, and avoid dying, for the remainder of eternity, and should that not happen, I hope my existence proves to be of some value to the security, and to the appreciation of existence, of those who remain.

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see
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One Response to Death

  1. As a former embalmer and then minister, lots of people assume I or they know what happens to the person after death. I think we just aren’t. There’s no tragedy or sense of loss, for there’s no one there to say, “Now I’m dead.” When we blow out the flame on a candle it doesn’t go to an afterlife or reincarnate; it is just gone. Many resent this perspective, but I have to hold to it shy of any evidence to disprove it.

    Your “doing” life as your lasting legacy is much as historian of religions Houston Smith once described it, that we don’t live eternally, but we participate in two forms of it that came before us and will last: environment and culture. Humanity needs to take its participation in these two fundamental and important realms more responsibly. There may be more than we know, but we know these twin near eternal realities and our temporary bodies in them are ours AT LEAST to live in fully, ethically, and well.

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