Avaaz – Survey of Priorities

Avaaz Survey of priorities

2. Where should we invest in our movement to keep building our power to win? Please choose your 3 priorities for this year:
Any important priority area to add?

Awareness that markets are based upon scarcity, and universal abundance has no economic value (eg air – arguably the most important thing to any human being, yet of zero market value due to universal abundance). Being 100% clear that no market based system can ever deliver universal prosperity, as markets require poverty to work. Thus we need to develop effective and distributed alternatives to markets that perform the crucial information and coordination roles that markets perform, and deliver universal abundance of all needs.

3. Which do you think are the most effective and exciting new directions for 2016 to take our movement to the next level? Please choose your top 4:
Any important new directions to add?

Focus on the commonality of all humanity, the overwhelming evolutionary power of cooperation, and the need to use our exponentially expanding technological abilities to deliver universal abundance of all essentials of life (as defined by Maslow), and from there educate all people in the need to act responsibly towards all others in terms of valuing the life and liberty of every individual, which by inference means the environment that supports us all.

5. Which option best describes how you feel about Avaaz?
Has great potential, and needs to look beyond the limits it has accepted (ie create a new playing field – the old one is too limited).

7. What does Avaaz bring to you? Tick as many as resonate with you.
A possibility of a life of abundance, beyond market scarcity, for everyone.

9. If you answered yes, what types of engagement would you be interested in? Please tick as many as feel right for you.

Work with team to develope and test effective strategies at all levels. [option not offered]

10. What best describes your area of work?
Systems and strategic interaction – computers, business, political and NGO level.

13. What makes you have hope? – let’s create a huge list of our hopes to share with the world

An in depth understanding of evolution, of the exponentially increasing power of cooperation in new levels of complex evolved systems.
The fundamentally cooperative nature of people everywhere if they are free of immediate threat and survival level needs.
The growing awareness that cooperation at every level requires active attendant strategies to prevent the cooperative being invaded and overwhelmed by cheating strategies, and our growing knowledge of effective classes of such strategies.
Our exponentially expanding technical capabilities, currently doubling in less than a year, and starting to move out of the realm of information processing and more directly into the realm of manufacturing – which must logically deliver an ability to deliver abundance to every individual, if we can just break free on the constraints of market based thinking (which requires that we develop effective alternatives to the information and coordination systems currently provided by markets).
A growing understanding of the need to value individual life and individual liberty above all else, and to accept the exponential expansion of diversity that is the logical consequence of liberty.
A growing awareness of need to act responsibly, of the fact that all any of us can really do is use our best information and best endeavours to make our best guesses, and that will result in making mistakes. An essential part of liberty is the freedom to make mistakes, and the need to clean up any messes that result from those mistakes.
A growing awareness that rule based systems can only ever be guides, and that no set of rules can deliver consistent outcomes in all contexts – reality is just too complex for that. Humans require the freedom to break rules, and to do so in a responsible manner.

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see www.tedhowardnz.com/money
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