Ideapod – Lessons from Alan Watts

Ideapod- 3 Life Changing Lessons to Learn from Alan Watts

1. This moment it is infinite and eternal.

2. Let go of fixed plans and concepts, and the world will govern itself.

3. Who you are is enough. There is nothing wrong with you at all.

It seems to me that Watts is close on each of those points, yet sufficiently inaccurate (based upon the information available to science) that the difference is worth noting in each case.

1 Yes, each entity only has the now in a sense, and that now seems to be individual. And in the broader context of our universe, it seems that time did have a beginning about 14 billion years ago, and may or may not have an end point some hundreds of billions of years in the future.

2 Fixed plans can work if they are very simple and short term. The longer the term, and the greater the scope of plans, the more flexible one needs to be. One must enter the dance with the consequences of the choices of others. And while if one looks closely at the track of a sailing ship, it goes in all sorts of directions, it usually manages to get to the intended port.

3 Yes – the idea of wrong is an illusion in a sense, a simple approximation of something infinite in gradation. And we are what we are.

It seems to be part of the process of individuals developing higher level self awareness that as children we declare ourselves to be wrong at some point in some context. It doesn’t mean we are wrong, and from a systems perspective it does seem to be a necessary part of the process of bootstrapping higher level awareness into being.

And it seems that accepting that making such a declaration about ourselves is a necessary part of growth, while also accepting that the entire premise of the declaration was all a childish illusion in a very real sense, is also part of the process of the evolution of such awareness.
In this sense, it seems that there is no other way for high level awareness to come into being except through our own personal version of this experience of original sin (as illusory as it can seem to that awareness at a later stage of its own evolution).

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