Laugh at yourself

QofDay Oct 20-22,2015 – Laugh at Yourself

Can you laugh at yourself ? Give examples!

I keep on at others to reduce the risk profiles associated with actions, and right now there are 4 chunks of skin missing from my right right hand resulting from two separate incidents involving a chainsaw (and it wasn’t even running, either time).

The first time I put it down, but didn’t look carefully at exactly what I was putting it on, and it started to slide. I grabbed it by the bar, and the result was cuts from 3 of the chain “teeth”.

About two hours later I was oiling the chain, and went to rotated the chain, one handed to save time, and there was some oil under the chain, my grip slipped, and my index finger got half “ring barked” by a tooth.

I couldn’t do anything but laugh. Much better at giving advice than taking it.
My dad used to say I was like a lazy camel – rather break my back with one load than take two trips. Some truth in that.

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You’d think I would’ve learned, having lost 3 fingernails to a running chainsaw about 10 years ago. Maybe I’m a slower learner in some areas than others 😉

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