Growth Spurt

Growth Spurt

When was the last time you were wow’d?

Hi Laurie

I’m a bit like Sandi, I get WOWed by lots of things.

Every time I look out the window there is a wow. This morning the cloud base is down to about 500ft, so the mountains are hiding, but I know they’re there. The birds are feeding, the ocean stretches off toward infinity (or at least America – on the other side of the Pacific – a good enough approximation to infinity for a swimmer of my calibre 😉 )

Yesterday I was WOWed when chairing our Zone Water Committee and trying to get my head around the dimensional complexity of the underground water flows, all the different sorts of material laid down at different depths and at different times by different sorts of events, floods, landslides, swamps, sea-level change, over the last couple of million years, and all with different permeabilities, and all the different ways that water can and does flow and mix under different conditions. We seem to still have enough water, just, and we are still in the grips of the biggest drought on record, so water could become extremely scarce later this summer. The ground water systems have not recharged over winter as they normally do, and spring has delivered far less than its normal water.

Right now Ailsa is playing on the grand downstairs, so there is a definite WOW quality to how she does what she does, and the sounds she produces.

In a few minutes we’re off up the coast to have a look at a rare white elephant seal reported by a friend yesterday. So am expecting a WOW or two soonish.

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