Do Robots need rights?

Question of the Day, Oct, 9-10-11, 2015, Do Robots Need Rights ?

Do Robots Need Rights ?

I’m with FOS

For the most part, most of today’s robots are just machines and not in need of rights.

Sometime soon, we will produce an intelligent machine with a similar sort of free will to our own, and at that point it will need a right to life and liberty just as we do.

And Andrew has some valid points too. There are definite risks in AI, and even bigger risks in not having AI. So it is a difficult thing.

I wrote a piece on Kurzweil’s AI site yesterday on this topic – copied to my blog here –

And exponential increase in computing technology is far longer than 50 years.
There has been a double exponential on computing performance since 1890. The doubling time is now down to 10 months. On that trajectory, human level computing capacity will be available for under $1,000 within the decade – fully sapient self aware AI could happen much sooner (but cost much more than $1,000 initially).

Not all robots will be self aware, and some will be.

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