Is there an end to your journey?

Question of the Day, Sept 21-22, Is there an end to your journey?

Andrew asked:

It is good to have an end to journey toward,
But it is the journey that matters in the end.
– Earnest Hemingway

Do you know and can you describe the ‘end’ that you are journeying toward?

All journeys must have a start, but is it really required that they have an end?

We can select particular places we wish to visit on our life’s journey, and it is possible to call such segments of our lives journeys, and such segments do in fact have beginnings and ends.

And it is also possible to start paths that end at infinity (ie don’t end in any real time).

I like the Zen definition of the Master’s journey – that for the master, on a path worth travelling, for every step on the path, the destination gets two steps further away.

That very much describes how I feel about the journey I am on.

So it is very much a matter of definition.
There are certainly journeys that end.
It certainly seems possible that there may be journeys that do not end.

It seems to me that I am on a journey of discovery, and that there is no requirement for such a journey to end, and it may.

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