Cheese and whine

Cheese and Whine

I’m absolutely confident that each of you is a model passenger so I won’t ask about your travel phobias. Instead I’ll ask…
Where did you go on your last getaway?

The last real get away that Ailsa and I had was a trip down south to Bluff via our wee farm in the Catlins, then back up through central Otago.

Ailsa’s only real phobia is that we stop travelling.

Earlier this year we went up Skippers Canyon, and she was hanging out of the sunroof on the 4WD taking photos over sheer cliffs. It was my job to get her as close to the edge as my terror of heights would allow.

Ailsa has learned to stop and look at all the things she wants to see as we travel away from home, because as soon as I’m pointed back towards home I just drive non-stop until I get there.

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