Ideapod – Reaching Mars

Ideapod – Reaching Mars

Humanity Needs to Reach Mars to Survive

Agree that the risk profile of the MarsOne is insane.

Self replicating robotics on the moon, mining moon mass from the far side, under remote assist from here on earth, putting mass into orbit – is by far the safest route to building large orbiting habitats that are the first step to building ecologies that can move us between stars.

Could have the first ones assembled in 15 years if we devote resources to it.

Money is such a poor tool for evaluating anything to do with automation, as markets only value things that are scarce, and anything universally abundant has zero value (like oxygen).

Full automation empowers universal abundance, which has zero market value but huge human value.

It makes no economic sense to produce a world where all essential needs and most things most people want are universally available. And it is technically possible and it would create a very different experience of freedom for the majority of people. Also great for space exploration 😉

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Why would anyone want to put anyone else in that sort of risk environment, when the possibility of indefinite life extension is so close.

I’m all for trying new stuff, and was a keen pilot. And there is a saying in the aviation community.
“There are old pilots and there are bold pilots, but there are no old bold pilots.”

And old friend of mine (Len Pilcher) had the highest hours of any pilot in NZ (over 40,000hrs), and when asked how he got so many hours at our annual pilots dinner replied “I scare easy”.

I love flying and sailing and a number of other sports that kill a lot of people, and I like to have a plan A, plan B and plan C for anything I do.

A trip to Mars with current tech is a plan A – without any sort of B or C.
That is high risk.

So to me, it just seems far too dangerous, far too likely to result in death.

Building self replicating machines is just such a good idea for so many reasons. It allows us to mitigate a host of risks like nothing else can.

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