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Ideapod – education and humility

Ideapod – On Education and Intellectual Humility Interesting debate. Understand Jim. I have been a sceptic and scientist for over half a century. My enquiries have led me to an understanding that all knowledge of reality is probabilistic and heuristically … Continue reading

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Purpose of education

Ideapod – The Purpose of Education What about encouraging creative exploration, independence of thought & a willingness to cross frontiers? I discovered John Taylor Gatto a few years ago: Then I found out that there is no correlation between … Continue reading

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Creativity or action time

Question of the Day, August 21-22 2015, Creativity or action time? What time of the day is best for your creativity or active process? I tend to siesta in the afternoon. Most creative times tend to be early or late … Continue reading

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Ideapod- Decency 2.0

Ideapod – Decency 2.0 may require letting go of corrupt morals This is a really complex issue. There are so many nuances of meaning to both selfishness and decency that make it a far from simple set of issues. It … Continue reading

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Goodreads – Ask Richard Dawkins a Question

Goodreads – Ask Richard Dawkins a question Hi Jessica A question for Richard, which is more like 3 in one: I am keen to know, if in the light of Axelrod’s work on the role of secondary strategies in stabilising … Continue reading

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Rules Are Meant To Be… When do rules apply to you? Hi Laurie A real depth of issue here. Clearly, from the perspective of the legal system, laws are there to be obeyed. Clearly, I don’t see it quite that … Continue reading

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Ideapod – Departing from Dualism – revisited

Ideapod – Departing from Dualism – revisited explaining evolution of us Hi Shawnelle The details of exactly how it evolved are shrouded in the mists of time, and the general trends seem reasonably obvious. We are social apes. We evolved … Continue reading

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Ideapod – Sharing

Ideapod – Sharing your creativity The idea that nothing is truly original fascinates me I more align with Jose and Katherine. It seems clear to me that lots of things are new, and in a sense, everything is new, each … Continue reading

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Ideapod – Stand alone

Ideapod – Stand Alone? We come into this world and exit this world alone, so we should be able to stand alone. This isn’t actually true. At the lowest cellular level our particular form starts with the fusion of an … Continue reading

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Ideapod – Universal abundance

Ideapod – Universal abundance A response Hi Helena There are many such groups already in existence, and the more people the better. The Lifeboat foundation is worth a look – Ray Kurzweil’s Accelerating Intelligence site is also good value … Continue reading

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