Ideapod – Stand alone

Ideapod – Stand Alone?

We come into this world and exit this world alone, so we should be able to stand alone.

This isn’t actually true.

At the lowest cellular level our particular form starts with the fusion of an egg and a sperm. The genetic material contributed by egg and sperm come from aeons of survival selected variations over vast populations.

Then we get born into a family, in a community in a culture. Without all of those, we would not come to much.

No human being can create language alone, it requires vast numbers of people over deep time.

So yes we are individuals, and as individuals we incorporate capacities that are the result of many levels of cooperation over vast amounts of time and space.

A human being is most powerful when they acknowledge the cooperation that it takes to create a human being, and they contribute cooperatively to other human beings – we are all enhanced as a result.

And certainly, developing individual capacities is an essential part of cooperation, the more each of us can offer, the more we are all enhanced.

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Hi Randy

But we don’t come into reality as adults.
We start out as zygotes.
Zygotes develop into embryos.
Embryos develop into babies.
Babies develop into children.
Children develop into teenagers.
And if they manage to survive teenagehood, they become adults.

Spiritual development, awareness development, undergoes similar stages, each stage with ita different sets of capacities. Some stages are defined by specific transitional events, others are more gradual in nature.

No one gets to be an adult alone.
It really does take a community to raise a child.

And I do get the sense in which we are individuals, with our specific awareness, and it takes a context of a community to get to be that.

In today’s highly interconnected world, we all rely on many others. No single human being could ever produce this computer I am typing on – it is too complex.

So I really do seriously say no. We do not come into this world alone. We do not exist alone in any sense.

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I agree that it is powerful to grow our understanding of self.
It seems most powerful to build that understanding at all levels:
sub atomic
neural networks
brain structure
systems thinking

Yes in one sense it seems that our self awareness is a software entity living in a predictive software model of “reality” that is created by our subconscious brains and is kept entrained by input from the senses. So in this sense it seems we are eternally trapped in our own models.
And those models can be influenced by our experience as well as our memories, habits and intuition.

And none of us can learn much at all by ourselves. Most of what we “know” (about ourselves or anything else) comes to us via our senses and through the efforts of others.

So we are rarely actually alone, we carry the shadows of others within us.

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