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Effective Altruism – being human

Effective Altruism – The Drowning Child and the Expanding Circle It seems to me that all human beings are very complex entities. Every human being is capable of both competitive and cooperative behaviour. If all survival needs can be adequately … Continue reading

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Question of the Day, July 18, 19, 2015 Happiness What are the secrets to Happiness? Seem to be a couple of major things that can significantly impact on happiness. One is acceptance. Accepting what is, as it is, and giving … Continue reading

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Climate Change

Continued destruction of Earth’s plant life places humankind in jeopardy, say researchers That is one truly weird set of mixed metaphors and invalid assumptions. Sure we have altered things. We have modified many earth ecologies towards their maximum human carrying … Continue reading

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Organics on Skeptics network

Thoughts? Is organic truly healthier? Worth the price difference? Not a simple question. Seems to me that it would be something that depended very much on the individual circumstances. There are certainly risks from pesticide residue, and there are also … Continue reading

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Four dignities

Question of the Day, July 10-11, 2015 “Four Dignities” Rob Brezsny in Pronoia share his take on the Tibetan Buddhist idea of being fully present in the world through the practice of the Four Dignities of the Warrior’s Path in … Continue reading

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Solitude or social

Question of the Day, July 8-9, 2015, Social or Solitude Solitude or Social? I find myself in a place of desiring to have a bit of social life again. I had sought solitude and self reflection for so long, and … Continue reading

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Longevity will lead to Overpopulation – we need to consider our options now Can only agree with the two previous commenters, that the prime assumptions in this article are clearly false. Population increase is not a given. Most people like … Continue reading

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