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Lying politicians

Ailsa’s facebook – Idea of shock collars for politicians that go off if they lie. Wouldn’t work. The dominant technique employed today is to say things that are true, but in a context that most people will hear what they … Continue reading

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Negative self talk

Will’s blog – negative self talk. Just gotta let it do its thing and not take it at all seriously – its just a story that needs to be told. Doesn’t mean you have to believe it. [followed by] If … Continue reading

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Climate change – another context

Matt Ridley: What the climate wars did to science This is a really complex issue. Certainly there is evidence of human induced warming. Certainly there is evidence of the recent period of roughly 10,000 years of relative stability being very … Continue reading

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Birthday symbols

Birthday wishes Thanks Kathy It is really strange. I get the societal symbolism of cakes. I get that adding alcohol and sugar to a mix of berries and covering it with a layer of solid sugar was a mechanism of … Continue reading

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Question of the Day, July 20-21, 2015, Capacity for Communion. Without solitude there can be no real people….the measure of your solitude is the measure of your capacity for communion. John Eudes Solitude is such a strange idea. No human … Continue reading

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Tree rings and healthy habits

One Ringy Dingy, Two Ringy Dingy Recently, a tree in the Municipal Park close to our home was cut down. A view of the cross-section reveals its growth rings. … Even though you’ve cultivated a bevy of healthy habits, what … Continue reading

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Death and dying

Question of the Day, July 16-17 2015, Death and Dying, fully living… What is your relationship to death and dying? It is something you understand and have a relationship with? In what way? I had to face imminent death 5 … Continue reading

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