Solitude or social

Question of the Day, July 8-9, 2015, Social or Solitude

Solitude or Social?
I find myself in a place of desiring to have a bit of social life again. I had sought solitude and self reflection for so long, and than care giving which left me no time for outside interaction even while longing for them. It seems now I have to make friends again, allow people back into my life, on physical level.

How do we balance our social life with creating space for our solitude?

While I live with Ailsa, I spend most of my time in my own intellectual world.

I make the effort to get involved in my community, in part to create social relationships that would not otherwise occur.

Today I went to a Cafe with about 12 people from Environment Canterbury, then we went to the local Rununga (first nation people for you Americans 😉 ). We had a meeting with them for about half an hour, then shared lunch. Interesting relationships at several levels.

Like others here, I’m a mix.

I could easily go a week without seeing any living person, if Ailsa is away, and I didn’t have and scheduled meetings. I walk the dogs early morning and late evening.

And I do like spending time with people, even if it isn’t something I tend to do easily or naturally.

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