Modern foods

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Comment on trends in modern foods

As just one example – Vitamin C. We cannot make it, our common ancestor with the apes and tarsiers seems to have lost that ability about 60 million years ago.

Most other animals make a lot of Vit C – a 70Kg goat makes about 10g per day average, and over 100g per day when stressed or fighting infection.
60mg per day is enough to prevent scurvy, not enough to stay health. We need about 10g per day to stay healthy, and up to 200g per day when fighting infection or disease like cancer.

Vit C is destroyed by temperatures over 60C.

Most food on the supermarket shelves has been over 60C.

We need to be getting at least half our diet raw.

Cooking is great for releasing calories, and it destroys many of the other nutrients we need (Vit C is just one of many).

Cooking also kills bacteria, which makes it safer to eat foods from strange places. We tend to develop relationships with bacteria we encounter frequently, but strangers can get the better of our gut and cause upsets. So killing everything prevent gut upsets, but also kills many of the nutrients that keep us healthy.

Raw food needs to be sourced locally, preferably from our own gardens.

Like most things in reality, really complex.

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