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Unfriendly AI

Eliminating an Unfriendly AI Doesn’t make sense. Why be antagonistic towards something you know is going to be more powerful than you? That appears to be a losing strategy. The entity is just as likely to figure out a way … Continue reading

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Cocktail of chemicals may trigger cancer Fifty chemicals the public is exposed to on a daily basis may trigger cancer when combined, according to new research by global task force of 174 scientists No doubt that the issues reported are … Continue reading

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Geographic Bucket List

Geographic Bucket List What sights or activities would you take visitors to see or do in your neck of the woods? Hi Laurie Kaikoura is an amazing place. The obvious things are a whale watch tour – to see the … Continue reading

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Is Economics Becoming A Real Science? Have you noticed how the field of economics is splintered and divided into factions? How it can’t seem to get its act together? Makes some sense, but actually misses the major systemic issue of … Continue reading

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Question of the Day, June 21-22, Solstice What are you plans for entering a new season, to honor the Sun? Played golf, got a few rays in the times the sun shone. Shortest day of the year for us. Cold. … Continue reading

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Peanut butter

Question of the Day, June 19-20 2015 PB2 Have you heard of PB2 (Powdered Peanut Butter)? If so… Have you used it before? If so… How have you use it? (like… Recipes, Baking/Cooking with it, and etc.) Please tell us … Continue reading

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Ideapod – media and violence

Ideapod – Media and violence desensitization I don’t know. Initially I found the politics of Game of Thrones fascinating, now I am just finding most of the violence too much – losing interest. If anything, that program has made me … Continue reading

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