White Sparrow (leucistic?)

Been spending quite a bit of time watching the white (leucistic) sparrow over the last few weeks (first photograph was on 5th June 2015).

Would be really interested to hear back from anyone else around town who has seen it, as to exactly where and when. Have had reports from Austin Street, Maui Street and Pt Kean so far.

A white sparrow - probably a leucistic morph, that has been feeding on wheat we put out each day

A white sparrow – probably a leucistic morph, that has been feeding on wheat we put out each day

Have uploaded 3 videos now:




Have had another report from Hawthorn Road about 3 months ago.

30th June – seen in Whitby Place.

12th July at Anglican Church on Torquay Street.

8th August outside 12 Cromer Street.

And as at 17th August 2015 it continues to be a daily visitor to 1 Maui Street.

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Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see www.tedhowardnz.com/money
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1 Response to White Sparrow (leucistic?)

  1. Gail Emerson says:

    Hi Ted, I just wrote a few notes about our white Tui; accidently pressed some random button on the keyboard and have no idea what happened to my speil! I’ll start again….
    We have had a white Tui visiting our Kowhai, here in Whatawhata, each season for some 4 or 5 years now. This year we did not see “Coco”, perhaps gone to god – I believe Tui have quite short life spans in the wild, 2 to 3 years, but maybe 12 in captivity. I did some searching and found pics etc of a white Tui seen in Hamilton East prior to ours turning up. I think, judging by the pics it to be the same Tui. I have some good pics of Coco taken last spring. The colouration of Coco (as we call him/her) is interesting – all the black feathers are white, the brown feathers are pale beige and the white are white. It is only in the photos I took that you can realise Coco is anything other than just pure white. Your sparrow appears to be just white, rather lovely. Like your sparrow Coco had dark eyes, not the red seen in true albinism, indicating leucistic morphism in both instances. Kind of cool hey.
    I was happy to note you and family are all ok since the quake. I figured you would probably be well prepared for such an event (recalling abseiling gear in Wellington office years ago!). We had quite a rock and roll here, enough to make me fall over, but no damages. I hope your community there recovers well; the sooner the road is open for tourists the better.
    na Gail


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