Question of the Day: May 1-2, 2015. Mysteries and beauties of Life.

How do you participate in the mysteries and beauties of Life?

For me, in very many ways.

Each day I look out at the ocean, and the mountains above.

I watch birds, and fish, and plants and people.

I go and play golf, with the ocean just a couple of hundred yards east of the Clubhouse, a river and tree covered flood reserve on the southern boundary, and a 5,000ft mountain 4 miles to the west. While playing golf I practice the expansive mind principle of Buddhism – awareness: the air, the waves, the traffic, the birds, the grass, the trees, the people, the tectonic plates, the earth, the solar system, the galaxy, our local galactic cluster, the wider universe, the pixelation of scale as I shift perspectives.

Life is amazing.
The principles are remarkably simple, but the complexity that results from the activity of those principles over vast time and space is beyond any single entity’s ability to comprehend.

For me the beauty and the mystery exits at all levels. At the experiential, at the comprehension, at as many levels of abstraction as I care to push into.

I just put out wheat in the feeding trough on our deck for the birds. The sparrows were feeding, and some were doing their dominance display thing, but when there is lots of wheat in the trough, there are very few dominance displays. A blackbird came to the trough. The sparrows all gave it a respectful body width of space, but otherwise ignored it, as it ignored them. As the trough empties the behaviour will change. The dominance displays will become more frequent and violent, and two clusters of behaviour will emerge, those that display and fight, and those that submit or run away and then sneak in and quickly grab a mouthful and fly away. Simple yet effective strategies, observed everywhere in life.

The key to encouraging cooperative behaviour is plenty for all, distributed widely, so there is space for all to get what they need and not get too close to any other such that dominance behaviour is triggered.

It is easy to see how the begging behaviours of child to parent, and the battles between siblings transfer to the dominance behaviours of the group of adults.

Simple yet powerful lessons applicable to society at large.

So many patterns, strategies, repeated recursively at ever greater levels of abstraction. So much variety as a result. So much more variety available with only gradual exploration of the space of all possible strategies.

I observe.
I participate.
I document.
I contemplate.
I explore.
I test.
I report.

The mystery and the beauty evolve with the journey.

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Hi Muse & OM

I was drying myself after my shower this morning when the thought occurred to me that Truth is the greatest illusion.
If one can avoid the spiral recursion into nihilism, then it seems a useful approximation, a door into “Not-knowing” that still leaves us with useful levels of confidence and enough unknowable to retain the essence of magic.

When I moved to Kaikoura 17 years ago I woke to pain in my back every day. After being here a couple of years I got to know a local Chiropractor quite well, and he started me on Glucosamine. I started using a teaspoon a day, and 4 months later had my first pain free waking in 20 years. Now I take only one capsule per day, play golf and ride mountain bikes again – and wake pain free each day.

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see
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