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26 Mar’15 ~QofDay~ Handy Household Hints

Can you share some Handy Household Hints that may not be common knowledge?

The easiest way to peel kiwifruit is not to – just eat them skin and all.

Same for potatoes – the best nutrients are in the skin – just wash them, and bake them whole in the oven. Agria are my favourite baking potatoes.

I wouldn’t know where to start with hints. I have spent most of my 21,805 days on this planet learning new things. There’s quite a collection hiding in this skull.

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An alternative to FOS’s pasta idea is to use the same principles, but in a different way – which is to cool the water in the pot that you cooked the pasta in to 60DegC (140F) quickly by the addition of cold water (about half the volume of hot water used), then strain the pasta.

One other thing I did learn about 10 years ago was to stop using soap (except for when I actually have grease or oil to get rid of), and just shower using fresh water. It seems that most of the body odour that people use perfumes to hide actually comes from bacteria breaking down soap residues on the skin. If you just keep yourself clean with daily baths or showers in fresh warm water, then there is no need of anything else.
Saves money twice over – soap and perfume.

In respect of health more generally, ensure you are getting enough Vitamin C. About 1g/day is enough to keep the symptoms of most colds and flu’s at bay. Much higher doses can be required if an infection is really bad. A 70Kg goat produces about 100g of vitamin C per day metabolically. It seems that our ancestors lost the ability to synthesise Vit C about 18 million years ago, so now we must get it from our diet. And we can make use of up to 100g a day if we have a severe infection of something. If you are taking really large doses, spread them out – A heaped teaspoon morning and night, and a level teaspoon every hour in between, each dissolved in a glass of water (totals about 100g/day – costs about $5/day – and is a cheap way to quickly recover from a serious illness).
Vit C is the only vitamin for which we have a very broad tolerance, and it doesn’t get at all seriously toxic until doses of over 1Kg per day are reached. For most vitamins taking “mega-doses” is not a smart move – they become quite toxic quite quickly – not so Vit C.

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