Future Work

29 Mar’15 ~QofDay~ Future Work

Should all humans have an eternal well of work to complement an eternal well of youth?

How do you define work?

If all the necessities of life are a given, and if a human being has freedom, then there are infinite choices of things to responsibly do that are of interest and or benefit.
What might the term “work” mean in such a setting?

The idea of exchange is vastly over-rated.
The idea of giving what we have to give seems to me to hold far greater potential for everyone.
In a world enabled by technology that can replicate anything produced, a pure gift way of being becomes very powerful.

The very concept of work becomes of historical interest only. There becomes only possibility and choice and consequence – and the dance as the consequences of our choices mix with the consequences of the choices of others, giving rise to a constantly uncertain becoming.

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Hi Paul

We seem to have very different understandings of this experience of being that is life.

It seems clear to me that there is an objective reality “out there” but it is not entirely removed from us, we interact with it at many levels.

It seems that we have no direct access to that reality.

It seems that what we experience as reality is not in fact reality, but a model of reality that is constructed by brain following many levels of processing of sense data, and modulating that sense data through our experience, our habits of mind, our memories, our distinctions and our abstractions.

Most people think that what they are experiencing is reality. Very few people get that what we each get to experience is our own personal model of our shared reality.

This confusion seems to have led to many mistakes in trying to come to a coherent understanding of this thing we live we call life.

So while I can certainly acknowledge that there is a great deal of information encoded in our genetics, and the information processing systems that our genetics delivers to us (and in this sense, our entire bodies, in all aspects, at all levels, contribute to the totality of who we are – we are far more than our brains alone, we are brains in bodies in culture in a cosmology – and none of it can really be entirely separated, and there are many boundaries that give a good first order approximation of separation).

Certainly we all have genetic and cultural influences, and I contend that it is possible to transcend all of those influences in a sense.

So while I acknowledge all that is ancestral is a sense, I am also making a specific and explicit claim that we each have access to infinite possibility that is far beyond anything that any ancestor experienced.

And no modern individual could have access to the realms we do, without the gradual accumulation of experience and understanding that has happened over our genetic and cultural histories.

For me, what is important is individual life, and individual freedom.

In terms of individual freedom, it seems that some in our society have been completely freed from the need to do anything to get their physical needs met, while others have to do things they would rather not do, in order to get what they need to survive.

It seems to me that we have the technology to be able to provide every human being with the things they need to survive and to self actualise in whatever way they responsibly choose. This would deliver the freedom to everyone to do whatever they responsibly choose.

There are energy limits living here on earth, and there is sufficient energy to let everyone have safe accommodation and food and clothing (in whatever design they choose) and education and travel around the planet a couple of times each year (should they so desire).

There is not enough energy to have everyone flying jet aircraft 10 hours a day, and anyone should be able to fly for a few hours a year, if that is what is most important to them.

In this sense, it seems most powerful to me to fully automate all of the tools required to create and maintain all of these life essential functions.

This level of automation can deliver universal freedom.

Nothing else that I have investigated can do it.

All other mechanisms I have thought of and investigated require some sort of enslavement, at some level.

So for me, we are, each and every one of us, very complex beings. We are each profoundly more ignorant of what we are than we are aware, and that will likely always remain so, and we are each capable of infinite creativity, infinite freedom and complexity.

It seems to me that we need to start really honouring that in our actions and our values.

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see www.tedhowardnz.com/money
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