Becoming god?

9Mar’15 ~QofDay~ Becoming…

Can we become God?

In the sense of omnipotent and omniscient, no.

In the sense of being on a path to technology and computational ability that would appear close to omnipotent and omniscient to most people alive today, then that seems a highly likely outcome.

Yet it seems that reality is sufficiently complex at sufficiently many levels as to be beyond computation and prediction in many essential aspects.

It seems also that the universe is sufficiently vast that no communication is possible between the furthest reaches.

So it seems clear to me that the idea of god is illusion in a sense, an abstraction of a set of abstractions. And to a first order approximation, we seem to be headed in that general direction.

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Hi Andrew

One can certainly get creative and come up with all sorts of possibilities.

It seems to me that the trick is to include all of the evidence sets, and to find the simplest explanation that incorporates everything.

And simplest in this sense does not really mean simple. To me this sense of simplest also needs to have a sense of elegance to it, rather than imagining some sort of twisted demon with a really sadistic sense of humour. Doesn’t mean such a demon doesn’t exist, and if it does I for one don’t want to give it the satisfaction of winning.


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