Matter – Antimatter

8 Feb ’15: QofDay: Matter Antimatter

Why is matter so common and antimatter so rare?

A matter of great uncertainty and huge debate.

One possible candidate is asymmetry in B meson decay.

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Hi Bhatta & OM

The problem is that there is so little evidence, and almost everything is speculative.

OM produced a great review of broad views and evidence on the subject.

Right now – the whys of that are of far less interest to me than the whys of human interactions.

Why do we have the economic and cultural systems that we do?

Why don’t we have systems that are more supportive of true individual freedom?

Why are our systems so coercive at so many different levels?

To me, it is of far more interest exploring effective possibilities for technologies, modes of thought, and behaviours (strategies) that promote security and freedom of all individuals in populations that are wildly diverse in all dimensions (behavioural, intellectual, and all aspects of spiritual).

Once we get that sorted, and remove the debilitating effects of aging, then we will have the time to explore ideas like the reasons for the matter antimatter asymmetry in more detail. At this stage, I have not had sufficient interest to investigate it to the point that I have any useful opinions or evidence on the subject. For me, at present, it is purely speculative.

And it is interesting just how much uncertainty and probability is involved in all of the evidence from experiments like those at CERN – the vast number of observations that are made to detect very small numbers of observations of interest, and the levels of uncertainty and opportunities for observer interference involved in the very many levels of systems in those experiments. I would need to spend years working through schematics to convince myself that the experimental design was sound. Then work through the actual evidence and analysis to check that out.

I have done that work in many other areas, but not in that one as yet. It is not on my priority list at present.

So sorry Bhatta, I am not able to usefully engage in that topic at present – I am simply too ignorant for it to be productive, and too time poor to effectively educate myself in that area.

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Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see
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