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Report of teleportation

What those scientists are claiming is the transmission of state information from one atom to another. And the interpretation of such things is fraught with many difficulties.

Bell’s theorem has been disproven by Rachel Garden, as he used non-bivalent logic bivalently in one place.

At least one other interpretation of all quantum experiments is also available – that of information encoding in the measurement tools (from the necessary calibration experiments). So there is as yet no unequivocal proof of “spooky action at a distance” and there is most certainly stuff going on that offends ordinary “common sense”.

So I remain highly sceptical of claims of “teleportation” at this time.

I recently read an estimate that even if all the matter of the known universe were converted to computronium, it would only supply enough computational ability to solve a 500bit quantum entanglement.

So I remain something of a sceptic to most claims re quantum computation and quantum teleportation. There remains a vast gap betwixt theory and practice at present. And I observe experimental results with interest, though remain extremely sceptical of the dominant paradigms used to interpret those result.

Defences of those paradigms seem (for the most part) to me to be more about dogma than about evidence or logic.

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Hi OM,

I read the report.

The actual experimentation performed related to measurements made of 3 separate single calcium atoms.

I have severe reservations about interpretations applied to the results of those experiments; but wont go into those in depth right now.

I am not aware of any experiments that have resulted in actual transportation of anything (physical). And given my level of interest in such things, and the communities I engage with, I think I would have heard some whispers.

The Heisenberg uncertainty principle seems to preclude such things (as mentioned in the article).

If you could somehow get around that – there is the risks in destructive scanning, and the amount of information generated in such a process, let alone the difficulties of reconstruction.

The step from single atom properties to even a single cell is huge!!!

While acknowledging the actual experimental results, I am very sceptical of the interpretation and extrapolation they have taken from those results.

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