Comment to Sandi’s facebook page on vaccinations.

It is a really difficult issue.

I vaccinated both of my kids for the dangerous stuff.
I have had all the shots that seemed useful to me, with no significant negative effects that I am aware of.
The more people who are vaccinated, the less risk of epidemic outbreak, and vaccination is not a 100% guarantee, and it does work for most people most of the time.

There is definitely an issue with the use of mercury as an antibacterial in multishot vaccines. The dose in any one vaccine shot is below the annual limit, and is typically equivalent to about 200 days of average daily exposure that would equal the set guidelines for maximum annual exposure. And recommended levels are set as averages, and do not allow for individual variation (which is substantial) or environmental cofactors (which can give full order of magnitude variation in effects).

So while I am all for individuals acting responsibly towards others, I can understand the extreme reluctance of some, and the use of mercury is done purely for economic reasons, as it is about half the cost of producing single shot vaccines. So lots of competing factors there.

And I see huge danger for humanity generally in the increasing use of rules and regulations that do not allow for individual variation of circumstances. It seems to me that we need to move away from rules and regulations, and more towards guidelines that can be varied provided a reasonable case can be made that the risk to others is minimal or balanced by reduction of risk elsewhere.

And even diabetes is not cut and dried. Biochemistry is a very complex subject (I trained as a biochemist) and diet can have just as much influence on being as genetics in most cases (as rarely is there just one pathway to anywhere – evolution usually equips living systems with backup options).

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Hi Sandi & Cindy,
Yes, like most things, Diabetes is a general bucket (a class of conditions) that are characterised by elevated blood sugar levels.

Most of these conditions involve interference with the normal function of the insulin regulation mechanisms.
This mechanism can be interfered with at the production, transport or reception levels.
Interference with the production end is normally labelled type 1 and everything else type 2, and like cancer there are hundreds, possibly thousands of different mechanisms that may be in action in any specific individual.

Interference with the production end of the insulin normally involves an auto-immune response that kills the cells that produce insulin, and there are many possible mechanisms that can cause this.

So, as with most things in biology, it is a vast spectrum of interacting systems.

Also, as with most things in biology, there are many ways to affect those systems.

As Sandi is well aware, about 7 years ago I developed melanoma, and went through the medical system. After a series of three operations I was told by the top oncologist available that there was nothing known to medical science that could help me, and I was told I could be dead in 6 weeks, and had a 2% chance of living 2 years.

That got my full attention, and I went back into serious research mode, and started reading every paper I could get my hands on. After several hundred hours research, I adopted a set of strategies designed to boost my immune function and to impede tumour growth – to give my immune system time to identify and eliminate the tumour forming cells. It worked. The diet I followed was (is) extreme. No added sugars or refined foods (white flours, extracted oils, etc). 98% of what is on shop shelves is off my diet. It took me 4 months to remove the tumours from my liver. I eased up on some protocols, and had more tumours, got them removed surgicaly and histologically checked, and yes they were the original melanoma. Back onto all protocols and started removing them singly. When I took out high dose Vit C the second time, and a second tumour showed within 2 weeks, I was convinced. Had it cut out and sectioned, and same type. The surgeon hadn’t got it all, and wider excision was advised. By that time I was sufficiently confident that I refused the advice, went back on high dose Vit C (heaped teaspoon twice daily) and haven’t missed a dose since. That was 4 years ago. No further tumours.

I also have diabetes in the family. A cousin of mine had a son who injected himself with insulin daily from about age 5 until his death a couple of years ago at age 50.

So have a little knowledge and interest in the subject. And as with anything in biology, it is an amazingly complex subject. We each have about 10,000 times as many cells inside us as there are people on the planet, and every cell contains about as many molecules as the body has cells, and any particular cell contains a soup with about 30,000 different molecules in it, each one with complex physical and chemical and electrical properties. The permutations of possible interactions are beyond any possible computation in this universe. Life has a certain wonder, a certain unknowability, a certain magic to it (in the sense of A C Clarke’s quote “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”).

So I strongly advise everyone to vaccinate, and if you are worried about vaccination risk, pay a little extra to get the single shot vaccine that does not contain mercury preservative.

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