9 Jan ’15 :Todays Q: WEATHER

How much variety in weather do you experience in your part of the world?

Kaikoura has serious weather variations.

We can get rapid changes of wind and temperature and rain.

About 10 years ago we had a day when it was 2C (35 F) at 8am, then 28 C (82F) by 2pm , then back down again after dark.

The strongest wind gust I have seen here is 220km/hr (114knts) – that is just a wind, not a tornado or hurricane.

There is only ocean between us and Antarctica, and we have high mountains between us and the prevailing westerlies. So a change of wind from South to West can bring a change in temperature like those above.

Our maximum temperatures here tend to be in the high twenties of low thirties most years, but we only need to go over the range (still technically Kaikoura) to get temperatures into the mid 50s during summer.

Ailsa was the Met Tech for Kaikoura when we met, before all the regional stations were automated and staff were retained only in the main centres. I had 17 years driving fishing boats – so we both have a real interest in weather. I love storms when I’m on shore (not so fond of them when at sea – and I have been at sea in excess of 80knts (160km/hr) 3 times – one of them off Kaikoura 36 years ago.

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One Response to Weather

  1. ailsa2015 says:

    And for more than 20 years we have weathered the storms of life together, and they are as interesting and varied as our “weather” weather 🙂


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