Christmas traditions

25 Dec ’14 Unique Christmas Tradition

Can you tell us of a time you participated in a Christmas tradition that was unique to you?

In my late teens we started a tradition that continued for about a decade, of the christmas water-fight. After lunch we would all go outside and try to get as many people as possible as wet as possible by whatever means possible.

We started with little plastic water pistols, and over the years they got bigger and bigger, and people got more inventive about ways to deliver a lot of water quickly.

We kinda stopped the tradition after it got a little too competitive. One day my brother in law got me with a 5 gallon bucket of water. We were in our boats at the time, and my boat was a V8 powered jet boat. I flicked the tail of the boat around and hit his boat with the full flow from the jet at full power – filled his boat completely – just the floatation tanks keeping it from sinking.

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