New device yields close-up look at cancer metastasis

While this sort of approach is interesting, and I am all in favour of adding to our knowledge base, it seems clear to me that the most powerful approach to fighting cancer is to boost the immune system.

Since being diagnosed terminal cancer almost 5 years ago (my battle with melanoma started a bit over 6 years ago – though I have been having small cancers removed for 30 years), and sent home “palliative care only”, I have done quite a bit of investigation and testing on myself.

My regime of a heaped teaspoon of Vitamin C (pure L ascorbic acid) dissolved in a glass of water twice daily (as close to 12 hours apart as possible), and a vegan diet; has worked for me, and for the two other people who have actually tried it and stuck to it, that I know personally.

I have varied things, had tumours come up, had them surgically removed (4 times) and made them go away just with diet (5 times). 3 years and 9 months since the last tumour (since I last lowered the Vit C intake).

I have no shadow of reasonable doubt remaining that the greatest cause of cancer is our move away from a fresh plant based diet. The evidence seems strong that for most people if calories from animal products exceed 10% of total calorie intake, the risk of cancer rises substantially – plateauing at 30%.

The modern epidemic of cancer seems more about corporate interest in profit from long shelf life foods than it is about anything else.
We’d all be a lot healthier eating fresh plants and removing refined sugars – and it isn’t easy.
I was a carnivore for 55 years (meat 3 meals a day, with snacks of beef jerky and salami), and a chocoholic. Going cold turkey off sugar and animal products was one of the hardest things I have ever done – and it worked.

So yes – interesting research, and if you have cancer I strongly advise boosting your immune system with the Vit C and plant based food regime.

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see
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2 Responses to Cancer

  1. I kind of agree. But cancer is far from Simplistic. I was diagnosed at age 50 living on organic land, eating fresh veggies year round and being so fit that it took a collapsed lung to find my metastatic cancer. But it doesn’t mean I don’t keep and amplify best practises. But in have not managed to graduate treatment.
    Warmly, marcy


  2. Hi Marcy,

    I agree that cancer is a very complex thing.
    On the Cancer treatment page of this blog I go into some detail of the many different strategies I used, including mental strategies – as belief is at least as important as chemistry.

    I am a biochemist by training, and have been fascinated by evolution and genetics for half a century. I deeply appreciate the complexity and subtlety of life, that is far beyond any ability to consciously know in detail. And having said that, I am also confident that the incentive structures created by putting healthcare in a market based delivery model are profoundly counter productive at many different levels.

    So I strongly support fundamental research into all aspects of cancer, and there are thousands of different types of cancers.
    And I am now personally convinced beyond any reasonable doubt, that the two most powerful things anyone with cancer can do are:
    1/ believe that you can beat it;
    2/ take high dose oral vitamin C – at least 5g pure L Ascorbic Acid dissolved in a glass of water at least twice a day.
    If you are actually trying to remove tumours, then I would keep up at least 1g per hour during all waking hours.

    There is evidence that vegan diet and organic do help improve chances, but the change in probabilities that they contribute seems to be very small compared to the two strategies above.

    And if you were already vegan prior to getting cancer, then as I say in my cancer treatment page, I recommend change to some other diet. The key is to disrupt the cancer, to buy time for your immune system to find and destroy it.
    No absolute certainties in any of this.
    All a matter of probabilities.
    Doing as many things as possible to get the probabilities on you side.

    And yes – I agree – cancer is far from Simplistic – at many different levels.


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