19 Oct ’14 Q of Day~ MUSIC

What is music?

Hi Andrew

I have an 18 year old Punk rocker as a daughter – so managed the screamo to the end – has a nice acoustic interlude from about 1:50.

Music can be anything, any sound, or absence of sound, that we recognise. Usually it has rhythm, and usually there is relationships of some sort between the various frequencies of sound involved (notes or tune).

I’m a Pink Floyd fan from way back, and I enjoy most music. Have enjoyed many different performances, instrumental, voice, mixes of instumental and voice – opera to John Devnver, The Carpenters to Mozart, Mike Oldfield to Santana. Ailsa is a classical pianist, Jewelia a punk rocker, Will has been through many phases, including RATM.

I can listen to it all, and some is more appealing than others depending upon my mood.

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Hi Andrew

I agree in a sense.

And while Syd Barrett was a founder and leader of Pink Floyd, he left as he became just too far outside normal limits to be able to work with the others.

That was back in 1968.

The distribution of diversity has increased, not decreased.

You and I may not appreciate the screamo as my daughter does, just as our parents couldn’t appreciate Pink Floyd as we did.

Did you ever listen to any of the stuff Syd did after he left the band? Effervescing Elephant is quite different!

Ever try listening to side 3 track 3 of Ummagumma at 16 2/3 (half speed) (“Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict”).
Very Avant garde!

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