Generation Gap

20 Oct ’14 ~Q of Day~ Generation Gap

What and why is ‘generations gap’ and how could we narrow this gap?

There are many causes to the generation gaps, most come about from the nature of the process of training the neural networks of a human brain.

Information and technology are expanding exponentially (and have been for thousands of years). That means that every generation, the difference between the environments of our births and that of our parents births gets even more profound.

Each of us goes through a developmental processes, where our neural networks are trained (at least initially) by our experience, and our experience tends to be dominated by the cultural environment we are born into.

Each generation gets to have the developments of the previous generation as their starting point.

There is no requirement for development to arrest at any point, and for most people patterns of behaviour tend to firm up quite early in life (by the teenage years). Our educational institutions for the most part seem to arrest development even earlier for most people.

So while it is possible for adults to keep developing, and to keep pace with upcoming generations (and because of accumulated knowledge and wisdom surpass them in most areas), it is not particularly common for adults to stay in touch with the cultural memes of upcoming generations.

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