Changing Seasons

14 Sept. ’14 ~Question of the Day~ Changing Seasons

What is it that heralds or signifies the change in seasons for you? I.e., what makes you feel it is now fall (in the Northern hemisphere) or spring (in the Southern hemisphere)?

The grass starts growing again in spring – it’s about knee high having not been cut in almost 4 month.

Will start growing seriously soon, once the ground starts to warm up.

In another few weeks it will grow to knee high in under a month.

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I have a 10 inch 4 cutter blade on the end of a 6ft bar with big bull horn handlebars and a 35cc honda motor on the other end of the bar.
It’ll take down anything up to about an inch in diameter.
Just takes time to use, walking along cutting a 6 ft wide swathe as I go.

The ride on mower is much quicker and easier, but once the grass gets beyond about 5 inches, the ride-on can’t handle it.

For 3 months I wasn’t up to the vibration of mowing.
Played 18 holes of golf today 1 under my handicap, so I think I’ve run out of excuses as to why I can’t mow the lawn ;(

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