I am a candidate – its official

As of half an hour ago I am now a candidate in the 2014 General Election.
I am standing for the Kaikoura Electorate.
I am standing as a member of the “Money Free Party” – but the party is not officially registered as contesting this election, so is not available for a party vote.

It is one way of gaining some exposure for the idea that we need to move to a values set that is beyond market values (money).

We are technically capable of delivering an abundance of all of the necessities of life to everyone, all that is really stopping us is our societal addiction to the values of the market place (money).

We could all live in peace and security and abundance and freedom – except that there is no money to be made from that. There is much more money in insecurity and scarcity and war and restriction.

It seems difficult for many to see that markets must value abundance of anything at zero, and must also tend to push most people to the margins of survival – though both of these concepts as well developed and well acknowledged in the realm of economics. There is a good podcast with economist Robin Hason on Singularity Weblog where 1hour 13 minutes into the interview he states “people at the margin will just barely survive”, which is true of any economic system based on market values, yet need not be an attribute of society generally.

We all have the choice to do something about it.

I wonder how many will make that choice in the ballot box?

My own ideas are not universally shared in the Money Free Party, and my ideas are well developed in the many posts on this site.

1st September 2014

1st September 2014

Authorised by Ted Howard – 1 Maui Street, Kaikoura

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see www.tedhowardnz.com/money
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3 Responses to I am a candidate – its official

  1. Alia Aurami says:

    Good on you, Ted!!!! You’ve had a lot of practice now, articulating your views in response to many questions and things others say, so I know you can be clear and simple in your language, as you were in this post,, and give people something to think about, indeed!!! I’ve been a supporter of political involvement “as education” since the 70’s, and it does seem to help more people become more aware. I appreciate the time, energy, and resources you have put into your previous candidacies, and will be putting into this one!!


  2. Alia Aurami says:

    P.S. The question which shook me out of my own mainstream thinking about money and value years ago was: “What is an idea worth?” Pondering that question destroys the labor theory of value, and suggests the validity of “entrepreneurial or inventor” profit, and it can also erode the entire overgeneralization of “value” to be just monetary value. We always say our health and relationships are “priceless” and if I were on stage with you, I’d ask WHY do we say that? And as you’ve said before, people can also get shaken out of their “money as the measure of value” trance if you query them about what oxygen is worth, or sunlight! And WHY we regard them as worthless vs as infinitely precious!


  3. Thanks OM.
    Going to be a very full month. Should be interesting 😉


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