29 Jul 14 ~Question of the Day~ Donate to?

If you could donate a significant amount of money tomorrow, where would you direct it to go? – so that I could guarantee an abundance of all the essentials of life to everyone on the planet.

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If my project ever gets under way, it will utilise the energy of the sun, which while finite, is vast enough to give every person currently alive as much energy as humanity as a whole currently uses (though not on this planet – most of the heavy energy use will need to be off planet).

It would also guarantee all the water, food, housing, sanitation, communication and transportation needs of every person, and would go a long way towards meeting medical needs (as medicine involves other living organisms, it will always be an open science with life exploring new ways to take advantage of options available, and we are close to medical break-throughs which will give vastly more security than anyone experiences today.

One of the key concepts of my project is that it acknowledges the reality that real security can only be guaranteed (in as much as any guarantee is possible) by decentralisation and massive redundancy in all systems – which is exactly contrary to the incentives of any market based economic system.

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There is nothing in my project that doesn’t already exist in a sense, and it does require putting all the connections together in a way that works reliably.

Having spent much of the last 40 years of my life designing and developing software systems, I have a fairly good feel for just how complex that task is, and I am also clear it is doable with an appropriate team of people.

So while I get it seems far away to most people, to me it seems to closest and easiest of the possibilities I have encountered and investigated.

I am also clear that not only is there no market incentive to do the project, there are massive market incentives to prevent the project from ever being allowed to complete. So there are serious issues with the project, and they are not technical, they are social (which is not to belittle the technical issues – it would be the largest single software project ever attempted by a significant margin, and there are lots of engineering issues that require optimisation at scale).

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Hi Torch

I’ve tried growing food myself, and I am just not good at it. I don’t love doing it.

Last year I probably grew about 30% of my food needs – planning on upping that to 50% this year. Have a couple of almond trees and a couple of olive to put in as soon as I can.

We have tried setting up community gardens here in Kaikoura, and none of those most in need of the produce showed any interest.

There are several possible ways of stabilising the current system, and several of them are being tried.

What is not being tried is a complete replacement system that ensures abundance for all, because it would end the current system.

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see
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