23 July 2014 ~Question of the Day~Absolute Authority

What does ‘absolute authority’ mean to you?

I’m with OM here.
It is another of the legion of ideas that philosophers dream up that have no correlate in reality.

Like the idea from chemistry of the universal solvent. What would you store it in? (Why the universal container of course.) But the universal solvent can dissolve anything, and the universal container cannot be dissolved by anything. One or other might be true, but not both; so the probability is that both are in fact non existent.

It seems clear to me that absolutes, of anything, do not exist in reality. Reality seems to be finite – huge, and finite.

Authority seems to be largely myth.
All things are connected at many different levels.
All things influence all other things.
The more awareness we have of the things that influence us, the more freedom we can create – and we are far too complex for that freedom to ever be absolute, and in some instances it may appear so to the casual observer.

So I find the idea mythical in both its component parts, and thus necessarily in itself.

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Hi OM and Mendy

I agree that the only thing any of us can say without any doubt is “I am”. The moment we try to say anything about the nature of the I that is, we are back into the realms of uncertainties at various levels.

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Hi OM,

Having been in this conversation for half a century, and having investigated many different versions, from many different thinkers, in many different ages; my take on it is this:

We can be 100% confident in saying “I am” in the instant that we say it. We cannot be as confident about any other statement, including any statement about any aspect of the nature of the “I” that “is”, which includes any attribute as to space, time or form of self (or anything else).

This seems to be what logic and physics requires of us.

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