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24 January 2014 ~ Question of the Day ~ Community Members

As a new member, what do you need or want to help your involvement with ANewGaia?
As a member established already, what do you suggest to get new members more active?

Hi OM & Bill et al

I have had a full weekend, with out daughter home visiting, two interclub golf matches, a break in the in wall kitchen waste water pipe, a call from our son, and a new wwoofer arriving, so not enough time to follow all the links OM has posted.

And that seems to be the nature of life, at all levels.
There is too much going on for many people at all to get to the base of what is going on, so people get to a particular set of approximations that they find useful and comfortable, and work with those.

I see it in myself at so many different levels.
I see it in this community.
I see it in the wider community.

Very few people are able to maintain any sort of “comfort level” when the foundational assumptions of their world view are challenged.
Fewer still are willing to put in the time to follow where those challenges go.

All the buzz words of marketing that Bill used are true enough in a sense, and in another sense, they are simply a level of expression of the equations of games theory.
Games theory seems to hold at any level, molecular, cellular, multicellular, and various levels (potentially infinite) of organisation of complex multicellular entities and the cultural constructs of the brains of social naked apes.

I like simplicity.
Once you can turn the equations into shapes in a space, then it is easy to see how things tend to flow, and one can avoid attributing colours and textures to memes (integral/marketing).

And people have a tendency to localise the use of labels, dialects evolve in local communities and local communities can form whenever a barrier exists, in any dimension. These dialects lead to even more barriers. It is an interesting dynamic, largely driven by social dynamics (including various levels of dominance hierarchies within groups).

This community was formed to “Change the world” – quite explicitly. Brian was right up front about that. And that is what bought me here and keeps me here.
Brian and I agreed on that objective, but not a lot beyond that!
And I honour Brian for the energy and commitment he bought, even if it was rather short lived.

I honour OM and Deb for the longevity of their commitment.
I realise what it takes to keep groups going, in non-ANG world I chair 3 committees, treasurer for another, and secretary for two others, and just an ordinary member of a few more, plus running a small software company. Life is full!

And I will try and make some more time to read stuff here, and I need to put in a new set of waste water pipes, as the water is leaking out of the walls into the office carpet; so it might be a day or two away.

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Hi OM,

In this case, it is probably caused by spinning vortex of wind created at the boundary between a fast moving and a slow moving air mass. There were very strong winds here from the perfect direction, that allowed for very strong gusts (over 120km/hr) down one valley, and much lesser winds elsewhere. Between the fast moving and the slow moving air masses it is normal for smaller air masses to start spinning (like a sausage between two bread boards. The spinning action creates low pressure in the middle which sucks up water drops disturbed by the very rapid winds at the surface – hence a water spout.

There are other atmospheric conditions that can give rise to other variations on the theme.

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Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see
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