Right or Wrong

January 17, 2014 ~ Question of the Day ~ Right or Wrong

What is the difference between right and wrong?

4 letters and a declarative judgement.

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I agree with all the posts in a sense.

The thing to get is that right and wrong have no existence separate from our judgements.

Once we get to see that, then we have an option to live in a world without right or wrong, if we stop making that particular sort of judgement.
Once we make that transition, then there is only choice, action, consequence, moment by moment by moment. (All those childhood declarations we made about ourselves, bad, wrong, perhaps even evil, cease to have their power over our subconscious.)

It seems logical that the best any of us can do is to choose a set of long term consequences that appear to us to deliver the greatest long term benefit for all, and to aim for them; making adjustments as we go along for the consequences of everyone else’s choices.

Such a path requires persistence, tolerance and respect (common attributes of that nebulous thing we call love).

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Hi Deb

From what you describe, it seems clear that both right and wrong are illusion. They exist only in the declarative minds of individuals, and no where else. They exist only because individuals say they exist, and have no other objective reality.

So they are real enough for those experiencing the declarative force of the words.

So from the experiential sense, the difference is profound. Right feels great, wrong feels yuk.

From the objective observer sense, both right and wrong seem to be words in the same logical class, declarative binaries that attempt to classify an infinitely variable reality into one of two possible states – one that contains all things positive (right) and one that contains all things negative (wrong). As such, both are logically incorrect, and inaccurate, and they are necessary starting points for juvenile evolving conscious entities. One must learn to count to two, before one can count further, and eventually get to some sort of useful approximations to infinities (acknowledging that all approximations to infinity have their limits).
Both are useful stepping stones at the start of the path to awareness of what we are – and both are best left at the start of the path, and not carried along the path of life’s journey.

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