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Question of the Day ~ 15 Jan. ’14 ~ HAVING

What have you taken an idea of, and created / constructed from nothing to something?

I have spent a large chunk of my life involved in fisheries.
As a commercial fisherman, and a trained marine ecologist, I worked with various fishermen’s organisations to support the introduction of a Quota Management System (QMS) for New Zealand Fisheries. Back in 1984, when the then minister of Fisheries Colin Moyle required that a majority of fishermen support the introduction of the QMS before he would introduce it, I was the Northern Regional Field officer for the Federation of Commercial Fishermen, and I attended dozens of fishermen’s meetings throughout the populous north, and had a big part in convincing fishermen that it was a good idea.
When the system looked sure to be introduced, I wrote a computer system to help people cope with the paper work and reporting requirements generated by the system (now some 5MB of source code).
Like all things, some aspects worked well, other aspects didn’t and it needed overhaul.
In 1991 I wrote a paper to the Review task force, which was accepted in full by the task force. I was then involved in a complete redrafting of the Act, and taking it through all aspects of the bureaucratic and parliamentary process, while at the same time re-writing and updating the computer system from the fish-processor’s perspective, and working as lead advisor to the team developing the new governmental systems.

So while I can see quite a few faults in the system, I can also see that we have relatively abundant fisheries in most of the coastal waters around NZ, certainly far more abundant than when I started on this process 40 years ago; and I can say that I played a significant role in making it happen (as did many others).

I also have two children who have left home.

Ailsa and I had a celebratory lunch today on the 22nd anniversary of our first date together (we first met about 8 months before then, but she was engaged to someone else at the time, and had no interest in me. Our 20th wedding anniversary is in 3 months time.

This year a walnut tree that I planted 8 years ago is fruiting for the first time.

About 6,000 of the 16,000 trees that we planted 18 years ago are now quite tall, and growing well.

Ideas that occurred to me 40 years ago about longevity are now becoming more mainstream.

The town of Kaikoura now has a clean underground water supply as a result of my efforts when I chaired the Works and Services Committee of the Kaikoura District Council.

I have spent a lot of time and energy considering how to create ways of being that work for every person on the planet. Much of it written out in response to questions on this site, and reblogged on my wordpress site.

Today I planted two Feijoa trees on our section.

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I agree OM – co-creating is where its at.

I can’t think of anything that I’ve done that I have done alone.

I have either done it with other people, or with the ideas of other people mixed in with my own.

As inventive as I am, I’d say way less than 1% of the ideas in my head are my own invention. By a huge majority they have come from other people. I may have applied some of them in original ways, and in most cases that is about the best I can claim.

So yep – co creating.

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