26 January 2014 ~ Question of the Day ~ Appreciate Art at Face Value

When you look at a painting, listen to music or read a poem, do you appreciate that art on face value as the artist presented it or do you like to try to get into the artists head through their art to discover what their motivation was?

I’m a bit of both.
Of course I see what I see, and I am aware that what I see is very much coloured by the experiences of my life history. So I usually try to look at anything of interest from more than one perspective.
When it comes to art, one of those perspectives is usually my best guess at what the artist might have been thinking.

So for me, art (or anything at all) is rarely a singular experience; rather it is a composite or a range of different experiences, from a range of different perspectives or filters.

And there is certainly something very different seeing great art as originals rather than reproductions. I have been moved deeply by many great artists, van Gogh, Matisse, Rodin, Dali, and many many others. Seeing their original works was certainly profoundly different than seeing any of the reproductions I had seen previously.

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Thanks OM, Deb, Judi and Holly

Back Home now, with Les’s funeral done. A tough time for Ailsa, and also a relief in a very real sense – seeing him with dementia was harder for her than seeing him dead.

As to levels of awareness, My sense of time has deserted only under general anaesthesia. At all other times I am aware of the passage of time, and can wake myself from sleep to an accuracy of a minute or so.

So many other levels of awareness, that to me, it is clearly not a singular thing. The components mix into a singular instantaneous experience, but it is not a singular consciousness in the sense that most mean the term. Kinda like a car is a car, but you can change a tyre, or an engine, or a radiator, or a windscreen, and it is still a car, but not one with the original components, yet at all times it is an identifiable collection of bits we recognise as a car. In a car it is normally the chassis number that we take as the fundamental identifier; in humans it is our brain.

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