Question of the Day ?28 December 2013 ?Trust

How can one trust once trust is lost in Everything, including oneself?

I agree with Andrew, that trust is an act of will.

Earlier this year we had a hitchhiker we invited into our house steal our car, and various possessions.

I still pick up hitch hikers.

I still trust my possessions to people I have barely met.

In the thousands of people I have trusted, he is the only one to seriously betray that trust.

Many others have had minor betrayals, lapses; his was the only seriously deliberately deceitful betrayal.

So yes – one chooses to trust.

For me, the choice is easy, as the math is clear, that a world where trust is betrayed occasionally is far preferable to a world without trust.

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Hi Steven

For me, trust is about being prepared to take a risk, knowing that sometimes you will be let down, yet confident that on the whole (even given the occasional let-down) the experience will be worth the risk.

As OM said – the only guarantee of failure is not to try (as my dad used to say, the only certain thing in fishing is that you can’t catch fish with your gear in the boat – and one night we even proved that wrong, when a flying fish flew into the net in the boat as we motored home).

Persistence has its own magic.

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