Processing Information

Question of the Day ~ November 4, 2013 ~ Processing Information

The world is out picturing vast change with floods of information. Are you experiencing changes in your former ways of making meaning, and/or observing any new relationships between your feelings and your thoughts?

There must be some relationship between the vast amounts of information available, and the thoughts and feelings I have, and I cannot be certain what that relationship is.

For me, the relationship between thoughts and feelings has been evolving throughout my life, and continues to do so as my paradigms of understanding evolve.

One thing that I have really noticed recently is the distinction between the conscious level thoughts I call me, and the flow of words that comes from my fingers or mouth, and the actions of my body.

The conscious me seems to sometimes set contexts, but does not create the words or actions.
The words or actions just flow when I am at my best.
It is the vast “subconscious” that does most of the “grunt work” of creativity.

All of these words just flowed from my fingers. I did not consciously consider them. Certainly I went back and did a little editing, that is a conscious process. But the initial writing was done “on automatic” so to speak.

I find the ability to be able to check facts during the editing process extremely useful. Also the spell checker highlighting the mixup between my hands (my right and seems to be much faster than my left, so often letters get reversed).

As to meaning, I try to avoid it.
Understanding and acceptance, with occasional touches of creativity are now my stock in trade.

I keep a conscious watch on my feelings, and for the most part I enjoy them.
Sometimes needs require that I override them.
My feelings have been requesting chocolate, sugar, meat, gravy, …. yet my survival required denial of those thoughts by conscious control. It is almost 3 years since my last lapse in diet, and the cravings are much reduced now.

For the most part I am now enjoying my vegan diet.

Feelings can certainly lead us astray, and they can also give us very powerful clues to life – the art of distinction between the two is part of the wisdom of experience of a life lived fully, if not always sensibly 😉 .

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see
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