Question of the Day ~September 23, 2013~ Fish

Do you have a LOVE for Fish?
Please tell us your story if you have one.

I have spent most of my life around fish.
I had fish in aquaria as a kid.
In my mid teens I had a pet eel in the creek below our house for a couple of years. I would go down each evening and feed him. After a couple of months he got so tame that he would come out of the water to get the food from me. In two years of being fed most days he grew from about 2 lb to about 25 lb.

I was a commercial fisherman for 17 years, have a degree in marine ecology, spent about 6 years as a commercial eel fisherman,and have been president of the Kaikoura Boating Club for almost 9 years, was an honorary fisheries officer for 6 years, and have been deeply involved in the politics of fisheries for 40 years – so I guess you could say I have a love for fish.

I’ve caught lots of them, many millions – most commercially of course.
I have caught 3 Southern Bluefin Tuna – over 200lbs each, a stingray that was 450 lb.
I once caught 3 sharks on one hook – I got a little shark – just over a foot long, and had him up by the side of the boat when a bigger shark (about 4 ft long) came and swallowed the little one whole, so I then had two on the line. After about 5 minutes I had the two of them alongside when a big shark – a little over 12 ft long, came up and swallowed the first two whole. Took me almost an hour to get that one alongside the boat, and kill it. Then I had to figure out how to get it on board. I ended up par-buckling it aboard by tying a rope to each of the seats in my 12ft aluminium boat, and taking the ropes under the dead shark, around behind it and back to my arms. Then I pulled with all my power, dipped the edge of the boat under the water, and rolled the shark aboard. The tail hung over the back of the boat, but after bailing the water out, I got me and the sharks back home.
That was about the weirdest experience – and it was a long time ago – I was about 16 – so over 40 years ago.

Much more recently (about 8 years ago) I had a big mako shark on my line, and it leaped out of the water. I was quite happy it broke the line at that point, because it was much bigger than the boat I was in (at about 15 ft long) and makos have a reputation of being very intelligent and very aggressive sharks.

I think eels are my favourite fish, they can become so friendly so quickly, though octopus are so amazingly intelligent.

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see
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