Facebook with Tom – Unity at the level of vibration

While true in a sense, it seems to be far more subtle than most explanatory schemas admit. Most of what most put down to vibration seems to have far more to do with other phenomena at other levels of organisation.

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It gets really subtle Tom.
It seems that all levels of organisation are capable of influencing all other levels, and it also appears that there are rules at each level (mostly probabilistic) that are the major governors of activity at that level. This allows us to contemplate the rules operating in a CPU of a computer, without reference to the thoughts of the people programming them, and to have those rules work with amazing reliability (better than 1 in 10^20). And it also allows us to develop higher level conceptual languages for computer programming that are essentially independent of the specific structure of any particular type of CPU in the computer running that software.

Similarly with levels of life.
Simple organisms are capable of certain levels of response to environment and alteration of self or environment in response to certain environmental stimuli. The more complex the systems, the more complex the result.
It seems clear to me, beyond any shadow of reasonable doubt, that my awareness of existence (the qualia of my being) are an emergent property of an extremely complex set of systems that involve about 10 to 12 levels of hardware (depending upon how one chooses to classify them) that is the result of evolution by natural selection operating for some 4 billion years; upon which sits a similar number of levels of software systems, some of which are extremely subtle, and several of which are of a logical type that defies prediction (the only way to determine their outputs is to run them and see what they actually do in that specific instance).

At each of these levels, we share commonalities, and there are influences between levels (both up and down the hierarchies).

It is possible to understand the major classes of principles in action, and the specifics of the operation of any individual is and always will be, beyond prediction.

So yes, there is lots of commonality and connection, at many levels, and yes, love is one of those “software” levels; and no, the whole system is not predicated on “love”. And I am a great fan for injecting as much love and tolerance of diversity into the system as we possibly can.

And I am also a yes to the idea that we create each other. Interactions like this, in language are co-creative in several very real senses.

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